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Adjustable Tower PC Security Cage

 Adjustable Tower PC Security Cages

When you need 24 hour security for your tower PCs and Servers, our range of adjustable tower PC / Server security cages gives you long term flexibility and total peace of mind.

Designed for all common sizes of tower PC case, including Apple Mac Computer Security towers, the adjustable cage is effortlessly adapted to the dimensions of your computer. If you change your PC, simply adjust the cage to the right size for your new tower.

Bolted to the floor or desk, the highly durable, adjustable tower computer security cage protects your tower PCs / Servers from theft, tampering and accidental damage.

Adjustable tower PC / Server security cage features

  • Unique: fully adjustable to suit most tower computers.
  • Available in both Standard Duty and Heavy Duty versions.
  • Suitable for PCs or G3, G4 and G5 tower Apple Macs.
  • No affect on everyday computer use.
  • Bolts securely to floor or desk.
  • Manufactured from high quality powder-coated steel.
  • 24 hour protection.
  • One key for all your cages, on request.
Adjustable Tower Computer Security Cages
Model Number Description Computer Size Range (mm) Approx. Overall Dimensions (mm)
Min / Max
Min / Max
Min / Max
Width Depth Height
330/1Fully adjustable push button (Quick Release)80 - 110220 - 570200 - 370PC + 62As PCPC + 62
330/2Fully adjustable push button (Quick Release)180 - 310355 - 700320 - 615PC + 62As PCPC + 62
330/3Fully adjustable push button (Quick Release)110 - 180255 - 700320 - 615PC + 62As PCPC + 62

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