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Apple iPad Security Stand & Harness

Secure Stand to protect Apple iPad1 & iPad2

 PC and Apple Security Solutions - Apple iPad1 and iPad2 Security Stand

Due to Apple iPad compact size, this valuable computer can be stolen in seconds. The Secure iPad Stand is a all-around security stand for the Apple iPad1 and iPad2.

The security stand and harness bundle gives the end user the flexibility that the Apple iPad was designed for, unlike other applications that can only offer one aspect of security.

The bundle allows you to place the iPad securely in a stand, and should you wish to use the iPad at eye level, simply remove from the stand and use securely in your hands.

This asethic design keeps to the Apple ethos of desirable yet practical products. The security device will not look out of place in any environment, such as education, NHS or Coporate.

  • Holds iPad in Portrait or Landscape view.
  • Universal joint for 360 degree rotation.
  • Angle adjustment.
  • Apple iPad can be removed from stand while still secure in harness.
  • Security cable prevent removal of stand and iPad.
  • Can be used in all envirornments.
  • Additional anchor points can be supplied.
  • Locks can be keyed alike as standard.
  • Available for both iPad1 and iPad2.
Apple iPad1 & iPad2 Security Stand Size Chart
Model Number Description
PCS iPad-1-StandSecurity Stand for Apple iPad1
PCS iPad-2-StandSecurity Stand for Apple iPad2

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