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Barlock Tower Computer / Server Security Cages

Whether PC or Apple Mac, tower style computers are a favoured target of thieves - their larger size suggesting a higher resale value. With models for mini-towers, through Apple Macintoshes to small servers, PC Safe tower cages are designed to bolt to the floor and prevent theft through their all steel construction and seven lever locking system.

24 hour security for your tower PCs / Servers

We also cater for specialist requirements such as acoustic cages, dust-proof cages and custom finishes. Drive access can be either completely restricted or left available for ease of use. The PC-Safe range of anti-theft cages is an inexpensive method of protecting expensive technology. Every building's security has potential weaknesses, making the protection of individual machines essential.

If your computer is too large for one of the Tower range, you may like to see our Server range or contact us regarding our bespoke service.

Size Range

All PC Safe Barlock Tower Computer Security Cages are of bespoke design and hence can be supplied to suite any size of PC. For PC Safe Barlock Tower Computer Security Cage size range, please refer to the chart below.

Barlock Tower Computer Security Cages
Code Internal (mm) External (mm)
Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
Tower Mac235450380255535440
Tower Mac Plus235450455255535515
Tower-02 Plus235450605255535665
Tower-03 Plus210510455230595515
Tower-04 Plus235580580255665640
Tower-04 Plus SP235520530255605590
Tower-07 Plus280500500300585560

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.