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LPCB Approved Desktop Security Cages

 LPCB Approved Desktop Security Cages

Ideal for almost any situation where you need 24 hour protection for your desktop computer, our range of LPCB desktop computer security cages is designed for all situations. Particularly suited to confined areas, the LPCB approved PC security cages offer easy access to the PC when the front panel is removed using a key.

Whether you need flexibility for the future or a cage built specifically for your size of PC, our LPCB approved desktop PC security cages deliver the ultimate in 24x7 protection for your computer.

LPCB Approved Desktop Security Cage Features

  • Manufactured to the ISO 9002 quality system.
  • Independently attack tested to ensure they will help deter even the most resolute criminals.
  • The approval is recognised and recommended by all major insurance companies and police.
  • Made to measure to suit most tower computer sizes.
  • Insurer and police recommended.
  • No effect on everyday computer use.
  • Bolts securely to the floor, desk, or floor and wall.
  • 24x7 full protection from theft and tampering.
LPCB Approved Desktop Security Cages
Model Description Computer Size Range (mm) Approx. Overall Dimensions (mm)
Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
PCS 419LFront Loading - LPCB Approved200 - 800350 - 700110 - 300PC + 77PC + 34PC + 32

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