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GP Surgeries Fit PC Safe

As mindless attacks on paramedics and firefighters rise, GPs in the Black Country have become a worryingly frequent target for thieves. Along with the rest of the NHS, GP surgeries have become home to expensive IT equipment usually found in secure homes and offices.

This year has seen several local surgeries suffer burglaries and day time robberies, usually involving the loss of computer equipment. A Wolverhampton based GP, who has recently had PC Safes installed in his surgery said: "The loss of computers and disruption that occurred meant re-purchasing equipment, installing new systems and software and inputting data again. Invariably, even with regular back up, there is a loss of data and three to four days' work lost. Insurers do not look favourably when no preventative measures have been taken." He added that PC Safe has been recommended by the local Primary Care Groups and that, "Fortunately the Primary Care Groups are very supportive and are telling GPs to do all within their powers to prevent such losses, and even make financial help available. Because of the break-ins that we have suffered PC Safe gives us peace of mind"

His practice manager said: "Due to the number of break-ins we felt it was necessary to safeguard our computers and called in Inco Software Solutions. We found their installers to be very fast and efficient."

Realising that computer theft was putting surgery staff and patients at risk, as well as costing thousands of pounds in lost time and replacement equipment, A senior official of the South East Wolverhampton Primary Care Group knew that some form of cost-effective security had to be found. On the advice of a colleague, she called Inco-Soft, the Wolverhampton based firm behind the PC Safe range of computer security enclosures, "The team from Inco-Soft was wonderful, they just came and advised us and then got on with the job. I feel that I can relax knowing we have PC Safe to protect our equipment and data".

"While media attention is focused on high-tech computer crime - viruses, data theft, etc. - it is simple, old-fashioned hardware theft that causes the problem for most people," says Matthew Revell, Marketing Manager, Inco-Soft.

As computer crime inevitably increases, whether it be vandalism in a school computer room or the frightening daylight robbery of machines from a GP's surgery, PC Safe from Inco-Soft (an internet, new media and e-business consultancy based in Monmore Green, Wolverhampton) can offer reassurance without adversely affecting the way people work. INCO Software Solutions are currently looking for agents to represent them within the UK.

 Crime Prevention Officers Meet PC Safe .

Crime Prevention

The PC Safe team were happy to demonstrate the excellent all steel design and seven lever locking system, to visitors to a West Midlands security exhibition. Among the visitors to the PC Safe stand, pictured here, were local Police crime prevention officers and the president of Sandwell and Dudley Chamber of Commerce.

PC Safe is helping companies up and down the country fight against the scourge of computer crime.


Press Articles

Almost every day we hear, or read, of computer crime. We often think "It will never happen to us", but unfortunately it does. Computer crime costs billions every year to the insurance industry plus the added cost of increased insurance premiums to business.

Schools, libraries and colleges too, are vulnerable and can lose not only valuable equipment, but also months of work.

PC Safe work closely with crime prevention officers to offer a solution to computer theft.

Many different organisations have used PC Safe to combat computer theft:

  • Universities, colleges & schools
  • Hospitals and local government
  • Government departments
  • Borough councils and libraries
  • Large Blue Chip Companies
  • Insurance Offices and Surveyors
  • Electricity Boards
  • Industry and commerce
  • Charities & Community Centres

For a more complete and detailed client list please see the bottom of this page.

Braintree Library Chooses PC Safe

 Braintree Library.

Braintree Library, which opened to the public in April 1998, is a splendid building with a magnificent domed roof which sits majestically above the old buildings in the town centre.

Following a visit by Essex Libraries personnel to the PC Safe stand at the Libtech exhibition, we were contacted by the, then, Library Projects Officer for Essex County Council, Alan Waters. The challenge put to PC Safes was simple. How could full PC security be achieved without adversely affecting the aesthetics of the building?

The recommendation was wherever possible to employ tower units and front covers painted to the specified RAL colour to blend in with the library colour scheme. The rest is history. Two months later 30 PC Safe encasement units were in place ready for the official opening, but why did Essex Libraries chose PC Safe? We asked Alan to give his reasons:

"In addressing the important issue of IT security in our new Braintree Library, an essential part of our specification was that in addition to offering a satisfactory level of security with accessibility the encasement units should be aesthetically pleasing, harmonising with our interior decor. It was also vital that they should be delivered and installed within the parameters of a strict timetable. PC Safe met our requirements in every aspect, giving careful attention both to detailing and scheduling. Subject to successful tender we would be happy to place further orders with the company."

PC Safe develops the Compusafe for libraries

 PC Safe desk and tower models on the IT bench at the Braintree library.

We have spent much time discussing security issues with libraries up and down the country. It was important to understand their individual needs to thwart the ever increasing occurrence of theft and vandalism. The problem was increasing with the introduction of intelligent PCs into open access areas. It was during such discussions with the London Borough of Greenwich that we  discovered  that  the  vulnerability  of  the  computer accessories was just as big a threat in these open access areas as the theft of the computer and components. In conjunction with John Morgan, the Senior Library Manager, we looked closely at our offering. John had been charged with the task of looking at IT security for the new computers. From his requirements a modified version of the PC Safe that secured the cables and accessories was created - the Computasafe.

We asked John to explain why the London Borough of Greenwich chose the Computasafe; "PC Safe were able to modify what was already a very good unit to meet the library's requirements. The finished product not only safeguarded the computer and chips from theft, but also secured the mouse, keyboard and monitor cables from removal."

PC Safe solves Harlesden library's IT security problem

 PC Safe desk 04 in the Lifelong Learning Centre at Harlesden Library.

The installation in the London Borough of Brent highlights why PC Safe are considered the experts in the field of security for libraries and other open access areas.

Harlesden Library is an old, well established library in the London area. A local charity funded the development of a new lifelong learning centre within the existing building. The project was sponsored by the Harlesden City Challenge and featured an open access area containing 13 pentium processor computers.

The project was nearing completion when the subject of security was addressed. PC Safe were able to advise the library on the right equipment to meet their needs, dovetailing with other suppliers to ensure delivery and installation were completed on time. We asked Hazel Hewett, the Library Manager at Harlesden Library to give her reasons for choosing PC Safe; "We contracted PC Safe to provide computer encasement units for the new Lifelong Learning Centre in Harlesden Library. Not only did they supply the units they provided a complete consultancy service, from liaising directly with the contractor providing the new work tables to advising on key holder security. They achieved all this within the strict time schedule imposed by the library."

A partial list of PC Safe's clients

Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow each week.

  • Sandwell Training & Enterprise Council (Job Centres)
  • The University Of York
  • National Express (Coach Operators)
  • Sandwell M.B.C. (I.T. & Social Services Depts.)
  • Freshway Seafood (Food Wholesalers)
  • Dixons (Estate Agents)
  • Mary Stevens Hospice
  • Ove Arup & Partners (Civil Engineers)
  • Cygnus Automotive (Electrical Automotive Engineers)
  • Binks Sames Ltd (Surveyors)
  • Travail Employment (Employment Agency)
  • Ash & Lacey PLC (Manufacturing)
  • Sandwell EMU (Schools)
  • NSPCC (Childrens Charity)
  • Birmingham Childrens Hospital
  • Blakeley Special School
  • West Bromwich M.B.C. (Dept of Education & Community Services)
  • Library Support Services
  • N.C.H. Action for Children (Charity)
  • Braintree Library
  • Harlesden Library
  • London Borough of Greenwich
  • London Borough of Hackney
  • Health Centres and GPs

References can also be supplied.

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