Are your laptops and netbooks totally secure?

Are your laptops and netbooks totally secure?

We are a nation of mobile, tech-loving people – and where we go our laptop goes too!  But it’s not just a question of buying the right laptop to support the way we work. Don’t forget that if you or your employees are regularly moving from desk to desk, office to office or even from site to site, the risk of theft increases with work mobility.

Laptops are highly desirable, easy to steal and sell on

There is a huge market for popular, high-ticket price items such as laptops and tablets. 

Any pawnshop or computer store will instantly take a laptop off your hands – no questions asked and no paperwork required knowing that they will be able to sell it quickly, at a good price.

Laptops tend to get left around the office, making them easy prey to a thief

With work mobility increasing all time, laptops, even in the confines of the office environment that you would regard as safe, need to be protected over night and during the day time, even if you only tend to leave your desktop for an hour or so.

High traffic areas are particularly susceptible to laptop theft 

High traffic areas where a laptop or mobile tablet is required for checking things like stock levels, prices and product information, are particularly susceptible to theft as these types of station tend to be unmanned for periods of time.

What’s the solution?  Physical hardware security - this is your first last line of defence.

PC Safe keeps your business up and running across the day and night

PC Safe is a specialist AV and Computer Security specialist.  Specific physical security solutions for laptops and netbooks can be viewed here:

Laptop Security

These include complete security systems, drawers, lockers, night safes, charging and security trolleys and netbook security trolleys.

We are PC Safe – a leading supplier of PC, AV and Apple security products

Whether you need a custom-built cabinet or device, or one of our off-the-shelf security solutions, your technology needs to help you deliver great customer experiences.  That’s why we’re passionate about securing it!