Apple iMac Security Bracket

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Apple iMacs are highly desirable and targeted devices due to their high value, and hence require decent security to protect them from being stolen. Our heavy-duty Apple iMac Security Bracket is a specially developed security bracket to provide round-the-clock security while maintaining their aesthetic slim-line appearance.

The Apple iMac Security Bracket is bolted to the top of the desk or worktop into the two steel strips which are supplied with the security bracket. The Apple iMac Screen Security Stand is securely attached to the security bracket by means of a locking bar that fixes in place with drill-resistant locking. For iMacs with memory cards, a discreet Memory Guard is supplied along with the security bracket to prevent unauthorised removal of the card.

Apple iMac Security Bracket - Features

  • Bolts securely to desk or worktop floor
  • Secure desk mount for all-in-one iMac devices
  • Round the clock protection against theft and tampering.
  • The smart design compliments the colour and style of iMac computers.
  • Protects keyboard, mouse and memory cards
  • Supplied with high-security locking bar.
  • Available for all iMac sizes.
  • Keys suited at no extra charge.

Apple iMac Security Bracket Size Chart
Model Number Description
PCS iMac2-200 Security Bracket to suit 20" iMac 2, memory guard not required.
PCS iMac3-215MG Security Bracket to suit 21.5" iMac3 with memory guard.
PCS iMac2-240MG Security Bracket to suit 24" iMac2 with memory guard.
PCS iMac2-240CD Security Bracket to suit 24" iMac 2 Cinema Display with memory guard.
PCS iMac3-270MG Security Bracket to suit 27" iMac 3 with memory guard.
PCS iMac3-300CD Security Bracket to suit 30" iMac 3 Cinema Display with memory guard.