Apple iMac Security

PC Safe offers a comprehensive range of versatile Apple iMac Security Stands, Apple iMac Secure Stands, Apple iMac CableLock Pro Security Systems and Apple iMac Security Brackets to protect the valuable keyboard, mouse, power and firewire cables.

The Apple iMac Security Stand can be permanently attached to a desk or worktop by means of a high security single fixing point, thus allowing the secured Apple iMac unit to rotate and making it suitable for teaching, working environment. It also carries a security screw which can be used to stop the unauthorised access to the memory slot.

The Apple iMac Security Bracket is a specially developed security bracket to provide round the clock security while maintaining their aesthetic slim-line appearance. For iMacs with memory cards, a discreet Memory Guard is supplied along with the security bracket to prevent unauthorised removal of the card.

The Apple iMac CableLOCK security system uses an 11mm diameter heavy-duty security cable, which provides an excellent physical and visual deterrent to theft. This imac CableLOCK security kit has been specifically designed to complement Apple's ethos of high quality design, and provides maximum security as well as an attractive yet secure locking system when compared to all other kits currently available.