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The Apple iMac CableLOCK security system uses an 11mm diameter heavy-duty security cable, which provides an excellent physical and visual deterrent to theft. This imac CableLOCK security kit has been specifically designed to complement Apple's ethos of high quality design, and provides maximum security as well as an attractive yet secure locking system when compared to all other kits currently available.

The 11mm diameter steel security cable is the strongest on the market, and secures the Apple iMac through the hole in the stand via its unique Stand Anchor Clamp. The Stand Anchor Clamp is available with anodised silver finish. Mouse and keyboard cables can also be secured through the Stand Anchor Clamp.

Extensive research has shown that conventional laptop style cables are being pulled from the laptop slot provided or that these cables are being cut in less than a second. Research has also shown that 6mm and 9mm diameter security cable systems are not substantial enough to protect these expensive items of equipment.
Apple iMac CableLOCK features

  • Easy to install and reusable.
  • 1500mm x 11mm diameter steel cable for maximum security.
  • Unique attractive 'Stand Anchor Clamp'.
  • Heavy duty security cable kit for iMacs and LED cinema displays.
  • Secures keyboard, mouse, and power cables.
  • High-security 50mm shackle less padlock – keyed alike.
  • Loop Bracket for looping cable around the desk.

Apple iMac CableLOCK Size Chart
Model Number Description
PCS iMac 20" - 22" CableLOCK Cable lock security system for Apple iMac range (20" - 22").
PCS iMac 24" - 27" CableLOCK Cable lock security system for Apple iMac range (24" - 27").