Computer security cages and PC security enclosures

Computer security cages and PC security enclosures

24/7 computer hardware security is hugely important for all commercial businesses and organisations. From large institutions like the NHS and local authorities, right through to any business (large or small) that is reliant on technology to communicate, sell, plan or deliver good on a day-to-day basis, your computer hardware needs to be adequately protected and secured if you are to run at optimum efficiency levels.

Computer theft is on the rise – is your hardware vulnerable?

Technology is highly desirable to thieves.  It’s a high demand, high profit business.

It’s hugely important that businesses that rely on their technology to fulfil orders, manage their operations and maintain effective communication with suppliers and customers adequately protect and secure their computer hardware.

What exactly do you mean by a computer cage?

In simple terms a security computer cage is exactly as the name implies.  A front-loading, sturdy steel case designed to protect and secure computer towers and desktop devices. 

They are fitted with a high security lock, can be bolted to the desk, floor or wall and built to individual size specifications.  Some are also adjustable.   Cages provide both a visual deterrent and an impenetrable steel casing around your computer hardware providing absolute surety and protection.

PC Safe – helping to secure computer hardware for hard-working businesses

PC Safe provides a range of robust tower and desktop cages and enclosures for computers, laptops, netbooks and tablets.

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We are PC Safe – a leading supplier of PC, AV and Apple security products

Whether you need a custom-built cabinet or device, or one of our off-the-shelf security solutions, your technology needs to help you deliver great customer experiences.  That’s why we’re passionate about securing it!