Is your computer hardware protection on the agenda?

Is your computer hardware protection on the agenda?

It doesn’t make any sense to invest in the most advanced and expensive computer hardware and AV equipment if you don’t also consider how best to keep it safe and secure.   It’s imperative, therefore, to look for full-proof computer security measures that minimise the risk of your hardware being stolen, vandalised or damaged - ensuring you enjoy 100% uptime and a maximum return on your investment.

Your business could be vulnerable when it comes to hardware security

Computer security is high on the agenda. From cyber-hacking and large-scale theft, to insider misuse and abuse and accidental damage, every business, irrespective of its size, needs to adopt a multi-tiered approach when it comes to protecting and securing their data, computer hardware and computing landscape generally. 

Far too often, the physical security of computer hardware can be overlooked. Why? The key focus for many perhaps is on data protection, compromise and loss rather than computer theft.  Both are very real issues that can seriously affect the day-to-day operations and efficiencies of your business.

Technology-enabled, technology-driven

The fact is we need computers to function.  Today’s most successful businesses are technology-enabled and technology-driven and need uninterrupted access to their computer hardware - keeping them in touch with customers, suppliers and the world at large. 

Restricting physical access to your computer hardware is crucial

Restricting physical access to your computer hardware is absolutely necessary in today’s workplace. There are many proven and effective ways of protecting your hardware.  From anti-theft security cages and devices for towers and desktops, Apple security protection for iMacs, iPads, Apple TV, Mac Pro and Mini iMacs, laptops, netbooks, to AV equipment and sturdy, protective steel reinforced computer cabinets and trolleys, it makes sense to make all of your computer and AV hardware impenetrable, or at least difficult to access.

PC Safe is a business in Wolverhampton that has earned a reputation for being a leading computer hardware security specialist.  “We work alongside businesses to design, manufacture and develop custom specifications that respond to the individual needs of our clients”, said a spokesperson for PC Safe.

“We have a large list of satisfied clients, from PC hardware manufacturers and suppliers, to schools, colleges, local authorities, corporate businesses, not for profit organisations and the NHS. Over the years, we’ve acquired the experience, understanding and design capabilities to provide total computer hardware protection for businesses across the UK.”

PC-Safe is a computer/AV hardware security expert. Please contact us  to find out how our advanced security and protection equipment can help to secure your business.