Is your projector security tough enough?

Is your projector security tough enough?

There are many different reasons why your business needs a projector. They’re a great option for group collaboration, large screen viewing and customer presentations. The problem is, projector theft is seen as a low risk, hence many businesses fail to adequately protect them.  That begs the question: “is your projector security tough enough?”

Physical projector security is often neglected or put off

These days you can’t overlook any aspect of security when it comes to hardware protection as you need access to your technology and AV equipment to give your customers what they need and expect from you.

Equipment such as projectors and screens if they’re left around, can be vulnerable and an easy target for casual thieves.

By taking a few simple measures you can protect and secure your projector/s around your site, so that your AV equipment never lets you (or your customers) down.

PC Safe, a leading AV and Computer Security Specialist specialises in secure cages, mounts and brackets for leading makes of projector

Simple to install, cost effective to buy, providing surety 24/7

Simple to install and maintain, protecting your projector with a robust, secure enclosure or cage, or mounting kit/rod for fixing back to a wall or ceiling, provides full-proof protection.  It’s a great idea in areas of high traffic such as school receptions, busy showrooms, pubs and clubs etc and any area where equipment is on full view.

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What our customers want:

“Most of our customers opt for this type of security for their projectors because it’s affordable, highly effective and easy to install. It provides surety and maximum protection around the clock.”   

We are PC Safe – a leading supplier of PC, AV and Apple security products

Whether you need a custom-built cabinet or device, or one of our off-the-shelf security solutions, your technology needs to help you deliver great customer experiences.  That’s why we’re passionate about securing it!