Laptop, Netbook, Chromebook, Tablet Trolleys - Safe, Secure and Ready to Use

Laptop, Netbook, Chromebook, Tablet Trolleys - Safe, Secure and Ready to Use

Modern businesses, schools and organisations need to create workspaces that facilitate flexible working and learning.  That’s why many now prefer laptops or tablets rather than fixed workstations.  The problem is, if it’s not fully charged a device is no use to anyone!

Our clever, easy to use Laptop, Chromebook, Tablet Trolleys make light work out of keeping your computers, safe, secure and fully charged, so that they are always ready to go.

These security and storage trolleys can accommodate multiple laptops, netbooks, chromebooks, tablets on an accessible sliding shelf, with vertical or horizontal storage compartments.   Each section has its own cable pocket, to store both AC adapter and excess chord, and portholes so leads can be fed from the rear power compartment to the front. Simple cable clips keep wires in place and out of sight.

A great option for schools and offices

Our security and storage trolleys are ideal for schools as they have a separate electrical compartment fitted with a hidden door release, ensuring children can’t gain access.

The portable devices are charged simultaneously.  Power strips boot up sequentially (just 1 second between each strip) to avoid a power surge.  An adjustable timer lets you programme up to 21 automatic charging schedules (3 per day), so you can power your device at night, or when energy rates are lower.  Heat dissipation is through a fully welded mesh base and side vents ensure fan noise is minimised.   Units plug into the mains and IEC leads are designed to snap out if the trolley is pulled away from the wall. This prevents damage and children from tripping over cables.

Ease of manoeuvrability

The security and storage trolleys are easily moved from room to room with an ergonomic handle fixed to the top, and durable 100 mm rubber, lockable castor wheels. Soft, rubber grips cushion the portable devices while they are being moved, and smooth, rounded corners with shock-absorbing bumpers, provide additional protection, also preventing damage to door frames and walls. The lock is ideally positioned on top of the trolley so it doesn’t get knocked or damaged.

These security and storage trolleys come with a lifetime warranty (2 years on electrics), and are made to order so they are non-returnable.

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