Tablet security – the latest storage and charging solutions

Tablet security – the latest storage and charging solutions

In our technology-rich world, you need to be on the ball when it comes to tablet security.  If you don’t step up to the challenge of securing your iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, Nexus or Microsoft Surface tablet when you lock up at the end of the day, you could be at serious risk of losing it.  And that’s not to mention the potential for it being accidentally damaged, frequently incurring significant costs.

With more and more police forces across the UK, reporting thefts of mobiles, tablets and other devices, it’s as important as ever to safeguard your technology assets.

While many businesses and education providers might place their tablet in a lockable drawer or cupboard over-night, there is a much more effective and full-proof way of securing it, acting as a deterrent and making it impossible to steal.

Stealing a tablet from an insecure classroom or office is a soft target.  Selling on technology through the likes of eBay, at car boots, etc is a fairly standard practice these days, so buyers won’t think twice about where it came from.

A multi-functional security trolley

Customers across the UK are now using the PC Safe Tablet Charging and Sync Trolley.  It’s suitable for securing, storing, charging, syncing and transporting tablet devices when not in use.  The PC-Safe security trolley comes with a plug socket unique to each tablet type, features cushioned compartments for separation, and a three point-locking mechanism preventing unauthorised access and the highest level of security.

“We aim to make it really difficult for thieves to steal your tablet,” said PC-Safe. “Our solid steel tablet trolleys are strong, sturdy and impenetrable.”

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