The latest rundown on computer hardware protection

The latest rundown on computer hardware protection

Your digital environment is one of your biggest assets but also perhaps your greatest risk!  Protecting your computer hardware should, therefore, be at the top of your priority list when it comes to security.

Sadly for many businesses, it takes a theft or accident to reinforce the importance of installing physical hardware protection and security measures. But it needn’t be costly or disruptive to protect your business equipment from theft it’s simply a question of thinking through the best options.

Computers are designed to increase productivity so any theft will immediately impact on your efficiency

PC Safe works with the NHS, local authorities and other organisations and businesses across the UK providing full proof, affordable, 24/7 hardware security solutions for desktop computers, laptops and netbooks, tablets and AV equipment.  We ensure that your physical IT infrastructure is as secure as it can be, so that your staff and your business can operate at maximum efficiency levels.  And don’t forget that physical security solutions not only provide surety against theft and damage, they also act as an effective visual deterrent.

Cost effective solutions for securing, storing and charging – in one

PC Safe security solutions include Tower PC Security (cages and enclosures), Desktop Security (cages), Laptop Security (charging trolleys, secure lockers and night-safes), Flat Panel Security (mounts, stands and brackets), Apple iMacs and Mac Security (plates, brackets, mounts and stands) and Projector Security (cages and mounts).

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We are PC Safe – a leading supplier of PC, AV and Apple security products

Whether you need a custom-built cabinet or device, or one of our off-the-shelf security solutions, your technology needs to help you deliver great customer experiences.  That’s why we’re passionate about securing it!