Angular Stand for Apple iPad and Tablets

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The iPad has become an integral part of the teaching classroom environment. When lying on the desk, it can force the pupil to work in a variety of awkward positions, such as head and upper body bent forward or sideways, resulting in bad posture. Another adverse effects are glare on the screen which can result in eyestrain. This all contributes to the students' discomfort and can cause musculoskeletal injury.

The iPad Akimbo™ angular stand eliminates glare from light fittings and sunlight reflections. The iPad can be used horizontally or vertically either 30° or 50° thus eliminating bad posture. The universal stand is ideal for education and the teaching environment and has been specially developed as an anti-glare stand for use in the classroom. The Akimbo™ stand is tough and robust as it is manufactured using 2mm thick aircraft aluminium which can withstand the toughest school environment.

The iPad Akimbo™ stand is finished in anodised silver and is fitted with silicon pads to protect the iPad from being scratched.

Apple iPad Angular Stand - Features

  • Ideal and durable for the classroom environment. Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Robust universal angular stand, 30° and 45° surfaces.
  • Eliminates glare from light fittings and sunlight. Prevents bad posture and discomfort.
  • Manufactured from high grade ‘aircraft’ aluminium. Adjustable silicon rubber feet
  • Suitable for all makes of tablets.
  • Silicon pads prevent scratching of iPad surface.
  • Can be stacked when not in use.
  • Anodised silver: Other colours available on request.

Apple iPad Angular Stand Size Chart
Model Number Description
PCS iPad-Angular-Stand Angular Stand for Apple iPad, Ideal and durable for the classroom environment. Lightweight and easy to use.