Universal Bespoke Totally Enclosed Heavy Duty Desktop PC / Server Security Cage

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Complete lock-down security for vulnerable desktop PCs.

Create a fully secure environment for your desktop PCs. Our all-steel, total enclosure computer security cages, prevent any unauthorised physical access to your PCs.

Recommended by all major UK insurance companies and police forces, the 505 series bolts to the floor or a desk, with its seven lever locking system securing the front panel in place. Not only are disk drives, power and reset buttons protected: the entire PC is fully secured.

Totally enclosed desktop computer security cage features

  • Full steel enclosure, for complete 24 hour protection.
  • No unauthorised access to disk drives or front panel.
  • Made to measure to suit all computer types and sizes.
  • Bolts to floor or desk.
  • Manufactured from high quality power-coated steel.
  • One key for all your cages, on request.

Prevent theft, tampering and accidental damage. Choose the ideal sized cage, for your PCs, from our table below.

Total Enclosure PC Security Cages
Model Number Description Computer Size Range (mm) Approx. Overall Dimensions (mm)
Min / Max
Min / Max
Min / Max
Width Depth Height
PCS 505 Enclosed Desktop PC Security Cage 200 - 400 350 - 500 120 - 200 PC + 71 PC + 93 PC + 32
PCS 505/SPL Enclosed Desktop PC Security Cage

For bigger size range than above, please contact us for quote.