Attack Tested Heavy Duty Desktop PC/Server Security Cage

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Desktop PC security enclosures recommended by police and all major insurance companies

These custom built range of desktop PC / Server security cages were originally designed and accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), a standard recommended by all major insurance groups and police forces in the UK.

Where you need the ultimate protection for your desktop PCs, choose our attack tested PC security cages. Designed to meet the insurance industry's high standard, these steel cages deliver 24x7 protection from theft and tampering.

During the LPCB test the enclosures were independently attack tested against a variety of theft conditions, indicating they will protect computers against even the most resourceful of thieves.

Ideal for almost any situation where you need 24 hour protection for your desktop computer, our range of attack tested desktop computer security cages are designed for all situations. Particularly suited to confined areas, these security enclosures offer easy access to the PC when the front panel is removed using a key while ventilation slots prevent stored devices from overheating. These security enclosures are manufactured from high-grade steel and secured with drill-resistant push button locks.

Attack tested desktop computer security cage features

  • Standard recommended by the police and insurance companies
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally to ICT desks or fixed flat surfaces
  • Manufactured to LPCB security standards
  • Protects computers with high-grade steel and drill-resistant locks
  • Open access to all function buttons and connectivity points
  • Ventilation slots prevent overheating
  • Accommodates the majority of computer desktop models
  • Keys suited at no extra charge
  • Available in a range of standard and non-standard colours

LPCB Approved Desktop PC Security Cages

Model Number


Computer Size Range (mm)

Approx. Overall Dimensions (mm)






PCS 419L Front Loading

Mounts horizontally to top of worktop
200 - 800 350 - 700 110 - 300 PC + 77 PC + 34 PC + 32
PCS 419L/SPL Front Loading - Mounts horizontally to top of worktop

For bigger size range than above, please contact us for quote.