Secure tablet POS kiosk with swivel mount for Apple iPad

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Secure iPad Air point-of-sale kiosk with tilt and rotate function. Designed to be secured to the desk or wall.

Style is hugely important these days in a retail environment. From a hipster pop-up shop to a garden center, your retail environment deserves a sleek experience when the customer pays. The secure tablet POS kiosk protects your tablet from casual theft and accidental damage in a stylish, no-nonsense design. The clever cable management design and optional extra-length charge cables keep the tablet powered through the day and eliminate cable clutter.

Our stands are "radio transparent" and allow Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3/4G signals to remain fully functional, while the strong metal facia prevents both deliberate and unintentional damage. Designed to be bolted to a table or wall (although can be used free-standing), our swivel kiosk can be rotated and the tablet flipped over to show the customer the screen. If you prefer a more static approach, the whole unit can be locked in place also. Custom colours and company logos available on request just ask!


  • Radio transparent chassis for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3/4G, and NFC
  • Simple to bolt to a table, or leave free-standing
  • No-nonsense, theft-proof design
  • Compatible with the Apple iPad Air 1/2, Pro 9.7 and 2017 iPad
  • Custom colours available
Secure tablet POS kiosk with swivel mount Range - Size Chart
Model Number Description
PCS ADASH127 Wall or desk mounted secure tablet POS kiosk with swivel mount for Apple iPad Air 1/2, Pro 9.7 and 2017 iPad.