Single Display Sit-Stand Workstation - Mobile Office Desk

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Stay energized and productive while you compute - move from a sitting to a standing position whenever you want. The Single Display Sit-Stand Workstation - Mobile Office Desk has large worksurface and height-adjustable keyboard tray and display make computing comfortable for prolonged periods. Counterbalanced adjustment points allow instantaneous, tool-free re-positioning while you work! Additional features include 25" total height adjustment, a small footprint and advanced cable management.

Package Contents: Cart, LCD Pivot, Integrated Worksurface, Large Stowable Keyboard Tray, Cable Storage Box, CPU Holder, 4 x Dual Casters (Two Locking), Hand-Brake System.

Single Display Sit-Stand Workstation - Benefits

  • Flexible and open architecture design is scalable for future computer equipment
  • Easily moves through small doorways and over thresholds for collaborative meetings
  • Safe and neat routing of cables through the expansive cable management storage area
  • Manage the cost of health care premiums by promoting wellness in the daily work routine
  • Provide standing work platforms for employees without having to buy expensive height adjustable chairs
  • Easily and simultaneously lift keyboard and LCD screen (upto 24inch) to proper height for unsurpassed ergonomic comfort
  • Improve your energy and productivity by standing or sitting as you work, and then switch positions whenever you choose
Single Display Sit-Stand Workstation - Mobile Office Desk
Model Number Description
PCS-24-215-085 Single Display Sit-Stand Workstation - Mobile Office Desk.