Wall / Desk Mounted Tablet Security Enclosure / Anti-theft Tablet Kiosk for the Apple iPad Mini 2/3

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Wall / Desk Mounted Tablet Security Enclosure / Anti-theft Tablet Kiosk for the Apple iPad Mini 2/3

Secure your Apple tablet in style with the Anti-theft security enclosure for the Apple iPad Mini 2/3. This secure kiosk protects your tablet from theft and damage when it's on display in a retail store, corporate office, school lab, restaurant, or any open access area.

The simple, solid design looks modern and stylish while conveying a clear message to would-be thieves. The "radio transparent" polycarbonate chassis allows Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3/4G to remain fully functional, while the strong metal fascia deters tampering. A concealed charge cable is routed through the short aluminium-alloy wall mount and can be coupled to the charge and protect alarm system for extra security. The low-profile tubular lock (supplied with two keys) is tamper-proof and allows authorised personnel quick and simple access to the tablet.

This Anti-theft security enclosure is supplied with a short aluminium-alloy mounting tube and a screw mount which can be used to mount the kiosk to the wall. Offered with a range of accessories for desk, wall, and floor-mounted solutions, the anti-theft kiosk is a truly flexible approach to managing tablet security in a public environment. 


  • Strong aluminium-alloy mounting tube for wall installation
  • Compatible with a wide range of Apple iPad Mini 2/3
  • Adjustable to landscape or portrait mode
  • Supplied with screw-mount base for easy installation
  • Tamper-proof tubular lock with 2 keys
  • Secondary security with Kensington lock hole
  • "Radio transparent" chassis for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3/4G, and NFC
  • Custom colours available
Wall Mounted Anti-theft Tablet Kiosk Range - Size Chart
Model Number Description
PCS WDMTSE-A-MINI-2-3 Wall / Desk Mounted Anti-theft Tablet Kiosk for Apple iPad Mini 2/3